Ko-Op Tour of Deutschland | Korner Skouts

I admit I have been way too lax with the output on this blog site. My reasons consist of both productivity, mixed with procrastination, as we are all the more victim to in this day and age. I am not making an excuse, I am simply telling you the truth.

Maybe this second post will redeem me and my absence, as I have a pretty bulky gallery from the first full day at the Nordschleife.

The timing of our arrival was nigh on perfect with us landing on the weekend of the VLN4 (Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nürburgring – a.k.a. Association of Nurburgring Cup Organisers if that was too many letters in a word for you). It’s a racing series with a crazily diverse range of entrants; amateur drivers in road-legal Civics and Clios, all the way through the spectrum to full-fledged pros piloting factory GT3-spec BMW M6 and Porsche 911 GT3 chassis.

Doing absolutely no research on the event, I approached trackside as a mere spectator, trying to take it all in. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but something about the atmosphere at the Nurburgring makes you super-aware that Germany’s motorsport following and culture is one that is held in very high regard.

Hatzenbach is the corner we started the morning off with, which for the drivers is the initial point of no return into Green Hell as they enter the Nordschleife crossing over from the GP portion of the circuit.

We made our way down alongside the section of 4km-worth of treacherous, narrow tarmac, up until reaching the Arembergkurve, at which point in the qualifying session a yellow flag was waved causing the 60/120kph (can’t remember which of the two velocities) speed limit to be strictly adhered to by all cars. Made it easier for me to grab some pan-shots before we trekked back up the ascent towards the parking area at Hatzenbach.

We didn’t stay long whilst the VLN race was ongoing, so Luke took me on a little tour of Adenau and the surrounding villages. We did stop off at Apex Nuerburg, the firm that have some of the most insanely fast and ridiculous “taxis”.

To finish off the day, we hopped on over to the “Youtube Corner” – Brunnchen – to watch the normies run what they brung during Touristenfahrten (Tourist Rides), and the odd ‘Ring Taxi fly by with some brutal force indefinitely giving the passengers the ride of their life.

That’s that for now, but there’s a little more content from our time in Nurburg, so be sure to come back for more, and then some! I’m gonna try and hurry this Germany series out on to the site because for one, lagging is a bad habit I am trying to shake, and two, scrolling through these photos is making me miss doing car stuff 😦


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