Japanese Performance Show 2022 [Pt.3]

Welcome to the finale of this year’s JPS coverage. This blog entry will be more of a gallery consisting of all the photos taken mainly because I just felt like the composition and framing was on point at the time. Enjoy!

Our good friend, Jassi, had his pop-up stall active at the show again this year, complete with a diorama of a garage unit.

The guy has definitely stepped it up a notch with the increase in stock. His Honda Jazz/Fit that he worked out of in 2021 could only carry so much of his diecast models, hence why he’s gone full JDM soccer-mom, acquiring a Stepwagon to transport all his goods.

It wouldn’t be JPS without Andy Burns’ textbook-example K-swapped EK9 Civic Type R.

Everytime I photograph this car out at an event, it’s always a frustrating feeling knowing that however you shoot it (especially under artificial light) my photos will struggle to look as good as Jordan Butters’ article on SH.

Ashley Ellis EP3 Civic Type R parked back-to-back with Andy’s car.

Tidy bay featuring Rotrex’s centrifugal C38-91 supercharger capable of producing 500bhp or more, which should be enough to rip the tyres into bits and pieces.

HOND-R being represented on the windscreen as they’re responsible for performing most of the work on these two Champ White Hondas.

A car with an identity crisis, a.k.a. Datsun Cherry. Does it want to be a coupe or an
estate or a shooting-brake?

Should have probably gotten more shots of this R35 GT-R, specifically the interior as it had quite a lot done inside IIRC. Exterior features some posh Volk Racing G025 wheels, the front pair housed under Nismo-style vented wings (fenders to you Yanks).

Danny Yaqoob’s EG6 Civic SiR dressed in Spoon Sports’ entire catalogue.

A view of the rear-quarter shows the essentials: N1 muffler; SW388 wheel; carbon roof spoiler; OG Spoon Sports logo.

Honda Acty making a move out the hall.

As was this Milano Red EP3 being filmed by gimbal-man.

The elevated walkway that runs through the middle of the main hall/s came in handy for shots like these.

Canards and vents work flawlessly in both function and form.

Bird’s eye view of Andy’s EK9 front end.

Another R35 GT-R that deserved a closer look. But I think the wheels it wore were what deterred me.

Dom Di Cesare’s K-powered & turbocharged DC2 Integra Type R.

The one that took home top honours that day. Behind the Sunny truck are Mana and Dips who just noticed me sniping from above.

Couple Skylines with the headlight of that Sil80 in the foreground.

ER34 Skylines look equally as weird when fitted with a rear wing, as they do without one, am I wrong in saying that? URAS Vertical Stabilizer duckbill-type spoiler is the only thing that belongs on the boot of a four-door R34, IMHO.

NT03RR by Enkei on the DC2 with the pink valvecover I photo’d above, from above.

As the day came to a close, thank-you’s were said, awards were announced…

… and vlogs were filmed.

I, like many of us, prefer seeing the cars moving, so I look forward to the roll-out.

Thing is, there’s like three points of egress at TIC, so what happens is you stand outside one, and all the cars drive out via the other shutters.

This Evolution VIII FQ400 appearing as if its going full tilt coming out the hall, but in fact it’s just really low.

The bagged R35 GT-R seen earlier, being manoeuvred towards the exit now that it’s pneumatic suspension system isn’t aired out.

No clue as to who manufactures this widebody kit for the R35 but it’s undeniably a strong look, especially with that broad APR wing on the bootlid. Wheels look fine in this shot too.

Only just noticed the rear centre garnish has been painted in body colour on the Sileighty you saw in the previous blog. Nice detail.

Returning to the hall, I had a look around to see if I missed anything worth capturing.

This 180SX was a car I came across at the event last year, but I can’t remember seeing it again until closing time. Caught the owner preparing to leave. The side profile of an RPS13 will go down in history as one of the best from the golden-era.

Looking straight out of the early-2000s, a deep “Midnight” purple S2000 wearing a C-West N1 front bumper and sideskirts, CE28 wheels, and a Voltex(?) rear GT wing (that’s not in their catalogue, perhaps discontinued?).

The shape of the wing endplates are pretty snazzy.

My distorted reflection in the funhouse mirror that is the front wing of the S2K. I am a Gemini after all.

Tuning follows the old-school aesthetic of the exterior, with a Comptech Supercharger kit within the yellow bay.

Simple and sleek are two words that came to mind when I saw this FD RX-7 that was sat beside the MX-5 with the net curtain patterned roof. Whatever that aftermarket front bumper is, the apertures are HUGE, and aptly so if the car has twin oil coolers.

As the show came to a close, many people chose to stay behind to set their cars up for a photo or two.

Owner of the FB RX-7 wearing the best of wheels, Amber, unintentionally posing
behind her car.

And there we have it, Japanese Performance Show in three nutshells.

Met and conversated with some cool people, including ‘Big Mike’ from the States for the first time. Didn’t have to worry about selling shit. Copped a couple of Hot Version DVDs. Good fun times.

Thanks for looking!


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