Cleanfest 2022 [PT.1]

No point me sounding like a broken record everytime I crawl out of the woodwork to post something on the site, so I’ll not try and explain myself with this one. Yeah, it’s been a couple of months since the show, but I reckon it’s given me enough time to go at my own pace editing the jpegs you’re about to browse through.

Cleanfest has been an annual do since 2014, organised by the Keep It Clean crew, who not only document the modified scene of Scotland (primarily) but also give the owners an opportunity to showcase their vehicles, whether it be a CT9A Lancer Evolution suited-up in a Voltex widebody, or a Mini Marcos sat upon bronze Minilites.

The badge or country of origin means very little at Cleanfest, which is what made it an event worthy of the 4+hour drive.

The brand’s minimalist style is something I can appreciate, especially in this day and age where people are doing too much, fighting for your attention. They utilise a fair bit of wood in their award designs too which is cool.

KIC’s main man – Michael Scott (not Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin) – behind-the-scenes on-the-scene slapping on that last minute tyre shine to make his Z4 Coupe’s BBS RS2s pop. The guy drives it, come snow or shine, as seen on his IG where photos can be found of it in the amazing Scottish landscapes.

The yellow elephant in the room, perhaps, but it’s like nothing you’ve seen on this side of the Atlantic, that’s for sure.

To justify the insane one-off, carbon-fibre widebody, a couple turbochargers hang off the back of the NA1 NSX, compressor housings paintmatched and all.

If it hasn’t been cladded in carbon…

…then it’s been upholstered in red alcantara or tartan.

The car barely fit on it’s designated patch.

The other Honda owned/built/driven by Shaun Quinn, is this EK Civic.

I believe this too has been subject to kompletely bespoke body reconfiguration, with the only off-the-shelf part that I can see being the Spoon Sports carbonfibre mirror covers.

Obviously a set of very typically Japanese wheels, the dead giveaway being the Engrish text adorning the centre caps.

Just like his NSX, Shaun has carried out some rebarrelling on the Civic’s SSR EX-C wheels too.

A lot of the time I see artwork airbrushed or stencilled onto a valvecover or the
underside of a bonnet, it’s usually cheesy af. But this H22 ft. Donatello is COWA-FOCKIN-BUNGA man. Also, spot how Shaun rolled the tips on the screamer pipes. Remind me of the Spoon N1 tailpipe – lovely detail.

Must be so frustrating/anxiety-inducing running out of under-bonnet space for award stickers.

BRIDE CUGA reclining bucket seats suit the cabin of the hatchback, as well as
carrying over the tartan theme (barely pictured) on the centre inserts.

The OMP Corsica Liscio wheel has been reworked and fitted with carbon fibre,
because ya might as well at this point.

It was a struggle to get a decent, clear shot of either of Shaun’s cars, as much as it was to stop looking at it due to the sheer depth of work evident throughout his creations.

Co-founder of KIC – Greg Robins – also runs a set of BBS wheels on his BMW, LM in 19″ specifically.

A dumped AP2 Honda S2000 put together by Frazer Lowry

The roadster was originally painted the same colour as that Audi beside it, but it’s new shade of red guarantees passers-by look more than once. White face BBS RS with polished lip is a brave choice, but it works a charm I’d say.

If there had to be a car-of-the-show for me…

… an inch-perfect CT9A Lan Evo IX isn’t a difficult vote.

The fact that it took me a good few minutes waiting for a clear shot should convey how attention-grabbing this Voltex ‘Circuit Version’ widebody-wearing Evolution was. The owner went the whole hog and fitted the complete kit along with those quintessential Craft Square carbon wing mirrors, and bronze RAYS TE37V shoved under the arches.

Razor sharp canards.

Black cars aren’t the easiest to photograph, especially indoors under spotlighting. From this angle, the car’s enhanced bodywork is pretty blatant.

Instantly, thoughts of hearing and seeing the Mitsubishi rip up a track entered my mind when I came across it on the show hall. Seeing it leave the venue up the road sufficed, I suppose.

Maybe I’m out of touch, but Pandem Rocket Bunny conversions are few and far
between in the UK compared to abroad, so this GT86 was cool to encounter.

Spot the difference between the above two photos.

Civilized ride height so the driver doesn’t sweat himself silly dodging potholes and negotiating speed humps.

It appears as if the rear hasn’t been lifted, but it has.

Read all about this throwback Renault 5 GT on Speedhunters. A properly-done
little machine, merging old and new tuning philosophy perfectly.

Here’s something I was not expecting to see at a stance-heavy car show.

Unfortunately, the lighting in the area where this Delta Integrale Evo II sat wasn’t the best.

Although the massive OZ wheels are a bit of an eyesore, they don’t take all that much away from the rallybred champion’s stature.

From this angle, the wheels aren’t actually that bad looking. Maybe it’s just the colour?

Moving on, an aggressively fitted ER34 Skyline GT-T.

Seeing R34s without the rear blister found on GT-Rs are really odd-looking, but this one seems to have had its arches flared a bit for that tuck.

Looks to be on stilts in comparison to the above shots taken indoors.

Imagine an R35 with a couple more doors, hmm. Maybe not. Although, I’m certain a render exists somewhere out there, but I’m not going looking for it.

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of this type of styling on EK Civic chassis, but this bright blue example owned/built by Simon Ferguson isn’t too shabby.

Tilted rear wing as can be seen in this shot is like those guys who wear a snapback nearly covering their eyes.

Foglights or goldies?

Just in case this Civic is all just eyecandy, you ought to know the B-series is force-fed boost to hurry it along up the road.

From one blue Honda…

… to another, just as slammed.

Clear tailights on an EG Civic of any colour are a nice tweak.

Polished face Work Equip 03 wheels in full effect on Cameron Wright’s hatchback.

I noticed the back of the main hall’s roller shutters led to another building across the way, so I made a move to check out what else was on display, hoping for less harsh lighting conditions.

I was expecting the cars in the B-hall to be of a lesser calibre than what I came across in the main space, but wow was I wrong.

Take this Soul Red ND MX-5 RF for instance, sporting a Pandem by TRA-Kyoto widebody allowing those extremely chunky SSR Viennas to fit under the chassis. This has got to be one of very few Kei Miura-designed works of art in the UK.

Then I got really excited seeing this Sileighty on Work VS-KF.

Yet another Sil-80 with a 326 Power rear wing. The DMAX aero flows with both the boot and roof spoilers, with the whole thing tied together with that tight wheel fitment.

I made sure to take plenty of photos of this hybridised Silvia.

If the Batmobile was from Japan in the early 2000s.

Interior was well-kept for its age, featuring an Adam LZ LZMFG steering wheel, drift button handbrake, and an air-suspension remote control [out of focus].

One last shot of the classic two-piece splits.

Similar to the Lancer Evo you saw earlier, an A80 Supra adopted that functional,
finessed look.

Ridox is all this chassis needs.

But you can’t argue with the additional aero garnishing the OEM+ styling of the base bodykit.

The tall APR GT wing on the rear tailgate doesn’t make the Toyota appear
unbalanced, mostly helped by the front lip & canard combination, along with the sideskirt valances.

And then there’s that ride height *swoon*.

Owner about to roll out on WedsSport SA60M in bronze.

I’d stop this blogpost right here, but when I’ve got photos of this EF Civic queued up, it’d be rude not to share.

I’ve no idea what inspired the livery, nevertheless, it’s great.

Ignore the cookie-cutter wheels, and let’s just appreciate the undeniably cool sticker selection and placement. Peeking out from underneath is a custom exhaust terminating out the rear bumper in the form of a turn-down pie-cut muffler.

I’ve nothing against the ‘Dub’ scene, if anything I feel like the way Euro cars are modified here in the UK can often outshine the Japanese stuff in terms of
execution and cohesiveness. Saying that, many of the VAG models don’t do
anything for me, but the Corrado is something I can bounce with.

This VR6 on BBS E87 looked the business, all without shouting about it with a crazy bodykit or excessive camber.

Just a really clean coupe.

Sidelight intakes are quite cool too, even better if they feed into the intake or a heat exchanger.

Just as the Corrado exits, so do I. But don’t worry, there’s a load more I’ve got to post, so look out!

I’ll leave you with a bunch of monochrome moments…


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