CLEANFEST 2022 [PT. 2]

Welcome back. Enjoy the many more images from the cleanest festival of them all.

Two low low Civics.

Which camp do you wave the flag for? Coupe or hatchback? Single or twin exit? One thing these two share in common are their clear tail lights.

Euan Cameron’s EK two-door utilises air suspension to do those Work Wheels CR01 justice.

I feel weird seeing multi-piece wheels on EG/EK Civics, but I can’t critique this example when it’s done so well.

Was cool to catch it zip up the road out the venue.

Chargespeed front lip and sideskirts bring the car closer to the ground, so even when the air bags are filled, the ride height is respectable.

Extra JDM XP for the parking pole!

You can [just about] see the tartan wrapped boot hinges, a theme that follows through into the ‘boot-build’ subwoofer.

Chiaretto – not just a sparking wine, but a rare paint option found on this E46 M3.

A car that’ll never get old.

Big fan of Sakhir Orange, one of many examples BMW’s know-how when it comes to mixing pigments.

Surrounded by members of its extended family. Also, is it me, or are those wheels fucking huge!?

A80 Supra fitted with quintessential Ridox sideskirts and a chinny front lip. “Chinny” as in resembling the facial feature, not a racist remark about the possible origin of the part. Wheels are Advan RS, I think.

I have a softspot of the E39 M5, meaning I had to do a quick snap of this car on Style 65s.

Here’s a reminder of BMW being properly adventurous back in the late 90’s.

The Z3 M Coupe a.k.a. clown shoe.

Not your average hatchback, that’s for sure.

Gotta put some respek’ on an NB MX-5 whenever I see one modified properly.

All the right Mazdaspeed exterior additions finished to match the original British Racing Green paint.

Full enjoyment!

If your wheels don’t match the cage, you’re not doing it right.

SSR Type X featured on this EG coupe.

White 5th gen Civics are unusual.

Forgot to grab a shot of the engine bay, but it’s a flavour of B-series, the cam cover is unmistakable.

In case you were wondering where the owner stored it

They’re funny up north.

LS with the black-grey two-tone looking like it’s ready for a business meeting.

A more modern Lexus still looking quite up-to-date with an aftermarket set of front & rear bumpers, roof spoiler and ducktail bootlid.

Aggressive VS KF tucked into the arches make the XE20 IS look menacing.

Completing the trio of Lexus [or Lexii?] is this GS, mildly VIP, with its rear wheel fitment making me cringe a bit 😐

306 GTi-6 with its quirky wing mirrors.

Euro hot hatches lined up.

This Beetle was stupid-klean, like it just rolled out the paint booth.

S13 Silvia caught my eye whilst traversing between the two halls.

Took a closer look and the well-kept interior cabin revealed the top-drawer trim level. Also an interesting chromed-out shift knob.

Don’t be fooled, this is no prancing horse.

David Banks is the man behind this machine, who’s also contemplating what else he can remove from the sparse engine bay of his Mk4 Golf.

Another oddity I get giddy over are these things. The successorto the Mini Marcos GT – the Midas.

Short wheelbase, low roofline, raked A-pillars = best sports recipe.

I swear I’ve seen this Mk7 Golf around my way more than once.

I’ll just let the rest of the photos play out the end of this year’s Cleanfest. Hope you enjoyed your visit!


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