CLEANFEST 2022 [PT. 2]

Welcome back. Enjoy the many more images from the cleanest festival of them all. Two low low Civics. Which camp do you wave the flag for? Coupe or hatchback? Single or twin exit? One thing these two share in common are their clear tail lights. Euan Cameron’s EK two-door utilises air suspension to do those […]

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Cleanfest 2022 [PT.1]

No point me sounding like a broken record everytime I crawl out of the woodwork to post something on the site, so I’ll not try and explain myself with this one. Yeah, it’s been a couple of months since the show, but I reckon it’s given me enough time to go at my own pace […]

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Japanese Performance Show 2022 [Pt.2]

Here we go, straight back into coverage of this year’s JPS. The number of cars displayed indoors was less than that of 2021’s event, giving people more space to manoeuvre and – most importantly – giving photographers like me some breathing room to shoot. Fewer cars definitely didn’t result in lesser quality, as the standard […]

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