Mimms @ Santa Pod Raceway [2022] PT. 2

Continuing on from the previous Mimms post, here’s some more bits and bobs that I shot at Santa Pod.

A very different approach to what is normally modified in a manner to enhance the
aggressiveness of the EG Civic. Shame I didn’t see much of it whilst it was parked up. The owner, Pip, must have been out enjoying the quarter-mile.

From one K-series swap to another, this AP2 / facelift (however you name your zenki and kouki S2000s) caught mine and Teeky’s attention.

APR GTC-200 rear wing affixed to the bootlid, with the adjustable turnbuckle set to nearly maximum attack from the looks of it!

The cockpit of a two-seat roadster is something akin to a glove that fits perfectly.

Piece de la resistance, a very confused K20 after being rotated 90 degrees, positioned millimetres from it’s new home’s firewall. Air is fed into the engine via the Mugen intake duct which routes the oxygen to a Pracworks manifold – both made of wet carbon.

Wonder what the owner’s BTG best lap time is?

Music was crazy loud, it probably would have broken an audiometer if you held it near enough to the speakers. Some dutty bass, lemme tell ya.

We decided to watch some of the drag runs for a bit, so we walked up to the top of the grandstand to get a decent view of drivers give it their best to cover 1/4-mile.

My first time visiting a drag strip ever, not my cup of tea, but I can imagine the thrill you’d get taking every gear to redline whilst hundreds spectate.

Front end lift is not what you want in an FF.

The “White Shark” K24-powered EG Civic is one of those all-out function-focused builds, with all efforts put into making it go as fast as it can go in a straight line, with no aerodynamic-frills or forced-induction.

DC5 Integras are never a bad sight, these two being late-models which isn’t common.

What is common though is Championship White and Blue Pearl factory paint.

Must have been a 2-for-1 offer on vented bonnets.

4-pistons in the engine, and these Brembo calipers. TE37SL in 17″ on the white one, sun beaming of the polished lips.

Got love for these, especially when sat on Advan RGIIs and nearly the entire Mugen catalogue has been lobbed at it.

Needs more drop, but off to a good start with a set of white Regamaster EVO wheels.

The owner went all the way and copped a pair of Spoon Sports’ blue-tinted wing mirror glass.

K-Tuned shifter assembly gives away a big clue as to what’s under the short bonnet.

As I walked back to my car, I spotted a familiar EG Civic, but as I approached it…

… the new paint job needs some rework I think.

Nav, the ex-owner of this EG Civic that I first spotted at the last Mimms event in 2021, must be ever so slightly pissed off seeing what used to be his pride-and-joy looking a bit worse for wear.

On that note, I’m outta here, so enjoy the bonus gallery and keep posted for more in the near future!


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