Japanese Performance Show 2022 [PT.1]

Returning to the site after what has felt like a huge gap in time since the Mimms event three months ago. With summer nearly over for 2022, JPS may in fact be the season ender, although, I’d like to venture all the way up north to attend Cleanfest in Edinburgh, so in terms of car show coverage I’ll still have some bits and bobs to share with you before we see orange leaves fall from up high.

Prepare for this three-part blogathon, this one kicking it all off with what I deemed to be the most noteworthy highlights that were present on the 29th August 2022 for the Japanese Performance Show . . .

This year I chose not to run a photo print stall, because it was a bit of a handful to
manage the last time I was at Telford International Centre. Also, I wanted to have time to wander around and check out all the motors on display. My brother and cousin came along too, which made for a good day out for the ladz.

We arrived at the venue about an hour after the gates had opened. The reflection of the general parking area projecting off of the exhibition centre’s glass facade, reminded me of Skittles but in vehicular form.

As soon as we entered the main hall, this was one of the first cars I made a beeline for. 1st-gen RX-7s are definitely a rarity in this country (or any country outside of AUS/NZ for that matter), making this clean FB a welcome encounter.

The super-streamlined coupe looks fast just sat parked up. The Elford bodykit adds just enough flare with the front airdam designed into the bumper, as well as the sideskirts that extend upwards to meet the swage line.

Custom <3<3 twin-exit tailpipe jutting out the rear bumper cutout made for Elford Turbo models back int’ day.

Thanks to the 14″ Advan Racing A3A, the silver Mazda won the show’s ‘Best Wheels’ award.

I’m not particularly involved within the S-Chassis scene, so I don’t know if K-swapping a Silvia is sacrilege or not. Whilst SR engines are fairly tuneable to some degree for “good” power gains, a K is a K, as we all know.

I think it’s fair to say SR don’t make the most audibly-pleasurable noises either, which would be another reason to make way for the Honda lump.

Not only has owner and builder, Tom Lingard, retained the air-con, he’s also gone the whole nine-yards and banged a BMW DCT gearbox onto the back of the K24.

Kitcar Electronics wireless paddle-shifter with programmable module attached to what looks like a quick-releasable Nardi wheel . . .

. . . with a couple of Buddyclub P1 buckets behind it.

Never knew Cusco introduced safety harnesses to their catalogue in 2019, FIA
approved too which is unlike a lot of JDM stuff.

Lightning . . .

. . . then thunder.

RPF1 doing their best to conceal the dinner-plate sized two-piece brakes.

I’m kind of a diehard NA loyalist, so I didn’t really pay much attention to the turbo hanging off the side of engine, but I’m sure it’s amplified the driving experience of this golden-era, ~1200kg Japanese two-door plenty.

Everywhere you look whilst perusing the engine bay is immaculate. All bracketry, pipework, and ancillaries have been coated in one way or another to give an almost
OE-grade finish.

Peek at the hybrid wet/dry oil sump courtesy of Touge Factory.

Throttle is fly-by-wire, I assume for tuning accuracy purposes.

My cousin and I must have stopped to stare at this S2000 every time we walked by it. And all it had was wheels and a drop to make it standout just enough without trying too hard.

The owner, Sadie Brookes, informed me that this paint is actually original, named by Honda: Platinum White Pearl. It was a limited option back in the day when these were new, something similar to Porsche’s “Paint-to-Sample” order option?

Semi-polished BBS LMs look so good!

RE-Amemiya GT-AD Type II; Ganador mirrors; 18″ TE37 SL. Need I say more?!
[because I cba, it’s getting late lol]

I’m not saying I’m jaded, but when you go to Japan and attend Seven’s Day, you kinda see every variety of RX-7, so this recently imported Mazda didn’t have me thinking “wow, this is unique”. Saying that, these PIAA carbon(?) wipers were the shit!

I caught glimpse of the inner workings under the bonnet, and it appeared that the
majority of Mazda’s components remain. The only noticeable changes made were the Apex’i induction pipework and an OEM-style custom alloy intercooler.

Another blue Mazda, but this one more attainable for us mere mortals during times like these.

Riding on airbagged suspension and multi-piece wheels, this estate gave off some VIP vibes.

The front lip enhances the aggressiveness of this GL Mazda6, some sideskirts would make for a nice addition too. I hope this car progresses, as the owner has tapped into some of its potential.

Staying on topic, a CL Accord estate looking proper “VIPpy” but in OEM+ plus fashion, sporting a Type-S lip kit.

Always liked this generation of Accord in wagon form. Can look awkward if you catch the rear at certain angles, but that adds to its peculiarity.

I was about to call these wheels SSR Vienna Kries, but they’re actually Euroline Type N by Work Wheels.

Chrome faces must be a b*stard to keep clean and shiny.

I couldn’t konclude this first part of JPS 2022 without dropping these photos of Kiran Kullar’s EK9 Civic Type R.

What I captured on camera doesn’t do justice to the amount of effort that’s gone into this fully restored kouki EK9.

Dav P and Big Mike mid-judging taking in all the details of the subtly-modernized engine bay.

Foreground/subject: award-winning car. Background: builder of said car.

From what Kiran told me, the car was slapped together just days before the show, and only made it in as a rolling chassis, as the engine still needed its ECU calibrating before the stroked B16B could be awakened.

A pair of Recaro SPG fixed-back seats replace the original SR3 recliners of the same manufacturer. As we chatted just before leaving the event, he kindly let me try on the SPG as I’m considering buying either these or Pole Positions for the Civik, but wasn’t sure whether I’d prefer the narrower fit of the SPG. I think I’m going to opt for the SPG, as a single black seat is available on FB marketplace at the minute for a fair price.

You can tell I went full perv mode on his engine bay as I spotted his tagged intake air temp sensor mounted onto the firewall via the brake proportioning valve. Also in frame are the ITB trumpet mesh filters. If only we got chance to hear the B-series play a tune.

Fujitsubo RM-01A muffler appears in the reflection of the mirrors placed under the rear bumper, as does the KW coilover, Hardrace rear ARB, Cusco lower arm bar, and the unmistakable Yokohama ADVAN AD08R/RS tread pattern. Oh yeah, and the
completely rust-free, zero-blemish colour matched undercarriage!

Let’s take a break so you can go back to your regular programming of TikTok/IG/Twitter/Facebook/Myspace/Bebo/Hi5 . . . I’m being facetious, of course.

Hope you enjoyed what I’ve shared so far. Keep an eye out for the next part on either my Instagram or Facebook!


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